"We can learn to live in balance with nature, but first we must wake up."

Panama-based photographer, Johams Leguisamo, utilises film formats to capture serene and intense landscapes.

"When you open your eyes and see beyond, you realise that something is not right; I grew up in an environment full of forests, beaches, rivers and mountains that over the years have disappeared, their resources exploited and real estate built. Since 2011, I have been documenting the nature of my country to create a record of how Panama was. I decided to do this on film because a digital archive can easily disappear, but a negative can exist forever.

Nowadays, our beaches have been privatised little by little to the point that if a person does not have a house or apartment there, they cannot enter the beach. Our forests are being destroyed and becoming urbanised. We can avoid all that and learn to live in balance with nature, but first we must wake up.

To my mind; social networks have us trapped, it's our main distraction, bombarding us daily with publicity, violence and unimportant stuff; it has turned humanity into self-centered beings, full of negative things; beings without conscience. I think that if we can depict a different side of the world, we can convince people to appreciate what we are losing, and maybe one day everyone will wake up and learn to take care of the place we inhabit."