Guest Post | Roeg Cohen

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(curated from the past)


I found this set of prints 45 years after my father took the pictures from his hospital bed. They would have been taken in the last month of his life.

It’s possible he never saw them, or even expected to see them. I could create a narrative in which he took them for me to find…They feel presciently relevant.

Michael_Hospital_prints 1-.jpg
Michael_Hospital_prints 2-.jpg
Michael_Hospital_prints 3-.jpg
Michael_Hospital_prints 4-.jpg
Michael_Hospital_prints 5-.jpg
Michael_Hospital_prints 6-.jpg
Michael_Hospital_prints 7-.jpg
Michael_Hospital_prints 8-.jpg
Michael_Hospital_prints 9-.jpg
Michael_Hospital_prints 10.jpg
Michael_Hospital_prints 11-.jpg

Roeg Cohen is a photographer based in New York.