Patty Rocha | Morning Walk

Morning Walk is the latest series by emerging visual artist, Patty Rocha. The black and white medium format works are highly moving and expressive, exploring the effects of the early onset of Alzheimer's disease in her ageing father.  The intimate and poignant images give the viewer a glimpse into the ritualistic structure and militant routine employed by her father in order to cope with the symptoms of his illness. 

"Rain or shine, a morning stroll is vital to ensuring a normal flow to the day ahead.  He dresses, washes sleep from his eyes, and brushes his teeth and hair; body memory working to dominate the cognitive mind.  Left foot first into his old pair of worn FILA sneakers that will serve as guides along the sidewalk.  Next he patiently sits while the blood pressure cuff tightens around his arm, not bothering to assess the results.  A quick gaze in the mirror before he sets off, the present day portrait of an otherwise healthy and robust man struggling to keep hold of the ever cunning Father Time."


Born in NYC and raised in Miami, Patty Rocha is an emerging visual artist working primarily with medium and large format film photography.  She is, for the most part, self-taught and has enjoyed creating in various diverse mediums since her youth.  Presently, her areas of concentration include portraiture and landscape photography.  She is an associate artist at the Bakehouse Art Complex in Miami, FL.