Lindsey Bahr | Journey Into The Dreamlands

Journey Into The Dreamlands is the ethereal, dreamlike series from New Jersey based photographer, Lindsey Bahr, featuring musician, David Ross Lawn. The pair create a soft intimacy, exploring themes of fragility and surreality through their imagery.


Photographer Lindsey creates a surrealistic world through her photographic work, capturing the pure essence of her creative dream dimension:

"This set of photographs captures a glimpse into another dimension, a world I call The Dreamlands. We have all been to this parallel world, but for me it’s a bit deeper than just a dream, it’s an obsession. It’s a world that I visit and have become fascinated with finding and capturing it’s essence and pure emotion. These images represent an aspect of that world; a familiar and comforting feeling but with a sense of dread and uneasiness hidden just under the surface."


Aiming to convey an atmosphere of intimacy, this is transmuted through David's connection to Lindsey and his surroundings:

"I like to describe modelling as an extension of 'the self'- a liberation of mind & body, working in harmony with the lens. I aim to channel an essence of intimacy with my surroundings, whatever they may be, and the photographer captures & interprets this intimacy, adding into the atmosphere their own creative flair. that is, to me, how this set was achieved. I live for such interaction."


See more of Lindsey and David's collaborative work in our upcoming print volume, Dreams.