Hopeful Dove

With great relief, the most bittersweet year of my life has come to a close. Death has stolen away three souls before I was ready to let them go, all within an unnaturally confined span of time.

The most painful was the loss of my mother five days after my wedding. By some miracle, despite the mess of cancer breeding in her abdomen, she left the hospital to be at the ceremony. She (and my father) walked me down the aisle. She sat there watching. Beaming. And when we were pronounced husband and wife, she noticed a white dove take flight from behind our wedding arch. Magic.

Since her passing, these winged messengers seem to find me in the most unexpected places. Jewelry. Sitting atop my car.  Nesting in my backyard. I am haunted, though I welcome the ghosts. 

This past year has left me lost. I carry a heavy heart and a soul in need of a good shine. Hopeful Dove is about the beginning of a journey back to myself.  It is about freeing one's soul from the weight of grief and pain. Most importantly, it is about holding onto hope.

I have not seen my soul, but
I often hear it thrashing about.
Beating wings, against
The pull of a heavy heart.
No drift of wind, to unwilt the
Color of expired breaths;
How dusty I’ve become.
Tempered. Grey. Ash –
They’ve burned it all, but
I was she who lit the match.
It’s time.
It’s time.
Unwrap this silken flesh;
Let it all spill out. Elixir
Of brine and bone. And
Me. Perching. Hopeful
Dove; unclipped.
Have I forgotten how to fly?
It will appear, like faith.
Alight, stretching into day.


by Sella Molone

by Sella Molone

Banner image by Emily Looman.

Sarah Stichter lives in South Florida with her husband. She works as a speech language pathologist teaching children with autism how to communicate. In her spare time, she enjoys writing poetry characterized by evocative imagery and a touch of darkness.