Five Years | Kickstarter Campaign

For the last five years, Manchester-based photographer Elegia, has collaborated and worked with friend & muse, Faye. The two are celebrating their long collaborative relationship by condensing their extensive body of work into a stunning coffee table book.


"Faye and I have been working together since 2012, when I was at the very beginning of my journey into photography. Over the last five years we've become friends as well as collaborators. We've created hundreds of images in various settings over the North West of England; seeking out locations which combine our love for brutalist architecture, design and pop culture. Many of our ideas come from a shared appreciation of cinema and music, which we like to make (obscure) references to in our styling and props. We often travel around to other parts of the UK and overseas, whenever we find a new house or outdoor space that looks like it has the potential to suit our style. 

After so many years of working together, we understandably have hundreds of images to choose from and over the last few months we've been curating what we feel is the best of our work to publish in the book. The design process has already begun and the book will be 200+ pages featuring Polaroids, 35mm and 120 film images; as well as many collages, drawings and mixed media pieces."


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