David Ross Lawn | Photography by Lindsey Bahr



Today we are doing something a little different... For a long time now we have been considering the idea of taking our publication from simply a platform for film photography to one which showcases every kind of artistic notion. The one commonality: emotion. We want to be a platform which showcases work dripping with raw emotion & feeling. We want to make you feel in this world which can often be devoid of sensitivity and softness. What better way to begin this journey than with the beautiful, dreamlike debut EP, Songs of the Sun, from published composer and performer, David Ross Lawn.

From the first moment, the pensive and expressive elements of sensitivity can be felt. A unique ability to simultaneously evoke a sense of melancholy and a feeling of hope, whilst gently giving way to soothing, melodic, meditative moments. The EP comprises of a four track piano solo, marking various landscapes of perspective through a minimalist and cinematic sound aesthetic:

"My main inspiration and keyword for this album is interaction: how the human condition interacts (or doesn’t) with the clarity of nature: how two people can stare through each other in a coffee shop as if they don’t exist together; how the moment of clarity can be archived. I feel like there is an architecture to a moment, and this project is my way of portraying interactions that I have either encountered with the world, or interactions that I have witnessed happening in-front of my eyes. With the artwork, an interaction is shown between the human and the sun: how the light is always keeping us warm, but we aren’t always fully present to feel."




Beautiful photography by Lindsey Bahr.

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David Ross Lawn (b.1992) is a published and commissioned composer and performer of contemporary vocal and instrumental music. As a performer (oboe, piano and voice) he has performed in various symphony orchestras, concert bands, professional choirs and opera companies around Europe and the United States.  As a composer, his recent piano solo work has had various features in Scottish Television and online high fashion promotions. As a vocal composer, he has received a number of commissions, awards, and publishings with GIA Publications & Walton Music, and is continuing to work on a large-scale project with several living poets.