Upcoming Exhibition | Matthew Finley 'Fragile'


Running from October 13th to November 19th is LA-based photographer, Matthew Finley's solo exhibition, Fragile, held at A Smith Gallery in Johnson City, Texas. Curated by Amanda Smith and Kevin Tully, original 7x7" and 12x12" tintypes will be shown from the artist's series exploring the difficulties that come with social anxiety and introversion:

"This series has become a reflection of my own struggle with being a shy introvert who seeks connection, yet more often hides or "puts on" what I think others want of me. Anxious, self-conscious, awkward. I have made literal our societal programming to pack away those "unappealing" qualities, felt by many but hidden. In our cultural history, the person with the bigger personality and the biggest mouth is often the most prized. They are the squeaky wheel that gets greased. Those who struggle with expressing their thoughts and feelings are told they are not good enough. Or, more tragically, they are simply ignored. The "less than's", must box away our fragile hearts, affix the correct face, and head out to try and be noticed."

Opening: October 28 4-8pm

Running: October 13 to November 19 2017

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Matthew Finley is a photographer based in Los Angeles, he is a member of the Advanced Photography Critique Group at CPW. He has been involved in a number of exhibitions across the West Coast, as well as New Orleans & Cincinnati. He has also had his work published in several publications, including Fraction Magazine, Shots Magazine, Plates to Pixels, and our latest book.